Friday, July 5, 2013

The reason!

Hello everyone out in blogger land!  This blog is something that I have been debating doing for sometime now.  I have never been what most call a good writer.  As a recent returning adult student, I have found writing to be something I am a lot better at than I remember from when I was in high school.  Along with that, I have found enjoyment out of writing about topics that I truly enjoy.  Hence the creation and decision to start up this blog.  

So lets dive into what this blog is going to be about.  I am an assistant football coach at the high school level with some experience but always thrusting for more.  I have an entire bookmark folder devoted to amazing coaches with tons of experience and try to read them as often as possible.  I am also a member of a few different coaching message boards and read about the sport I love as often as humanly possible.  But in all of my searching and reading, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of blogs devoted to those of us who are newcomers to this profession or calling.  That is what this is going to be about...for the most part.  It is going to offer a different perspective on what coaching is from my perspective.  I will post random thoughts about formations, schemes, things I encounter throughout my journey as a coach.  

Some of these things may be right.  Some may be wrong.  But either way, they are what those of us just starting out experience or at least what I do.  I am sure there will also be other random posting on whatever is going on in my life besides football.  If you ever want to talk football, please email me or follow me on twitter @coachmitts.  I am always looking for a good conversation and the ability to learn from those who are more experienced than me.  

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